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*=book or article held by the Tides Institute Library.
*(pc)=photocopy of book or article held by the Tides Institute Library.

N THIS AGE OF THE INTERNET, there are an increasing number of resources available online. On the New Brunswick side of the border, one of the most important sites is the University of New Brunswick’s QUEST database: Quest. Also very important is the New Brunswick Public Libraries Union Catalogue: New Brunswick Public Libraries Union Catalogue. Through this catalog, one can find the holdings of Quoddy libraries located in New Brunswick and that participate in the Saint John, New Brunswick regional library system, including the Campobello Public Library in Welchpool, Campobello, the Grand Manan Library, and the Ross Memorial Library in St. Andrews. Two other useful sites include the New Brunswick Museum (Saint John, New Brunswick): and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (Fredericton, New Brunswick):

On the Maine side of the border, one of the more important web sites is the University of Maine library ( The university’s Fogler Library ( and the “Mariner” gateway to digital collections and other resources within the University of Maine system ( can be found from this home page. “URSUS” (http://130.111.643), the online catalog of the University of Maine System and other participating libraries, can be very useful. So can the Maine Folklife Archives which can be searched using the University of Maine System Archives database ( The Maine State Library’s statewide union catalog of Maine libraries, “MaineCat,” is extremely useful and is also available online ( In addition, the Maine Historical Society in Portland has launched with the help of others, the Maine Memory Project as a web based resources for photographs, documents and other materials relating to Maine’s history. Now in its beta testing format, the site can be searched for specific towns and subjects through

In addition, there are several good bibliographical for Maine and New Brunswick that include material about the Quoddy area. For New Brunswick, see the two volumes: *New Brunswick History: A Checklist of Secondary Sources. Compiled by Hugh A. Taylor. Fredericton, New Brunswick: Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, 1971. Xii, 254 pp; and *New Brunswick History: A Checklist of Secondary Sources. First Supplement. Compiled by Eric L. Swanick. Federicton, New Brunswick: Legislative Library, 1974. Vi, 96 pp. Also extremely important is *Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region published since 1971 by the department of history at the University of New Brunswick at Fredericton. The journal regularly includes extensive and comprehensive biographical listings of new materials relating to the history of Atlantic Provinces, including Passamaquoddy Bay. The Tides Institute library maintains a complete run of the journal, Acadiensis, and has as well the two New Brunswick History checklist and supplement volumes.

For Maine, see *Volume Two, John D. Haskell, Jr. (editor) Maine: A Bibliography of Its History (Hanover, New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 1977); and *Volume Eight, Roger Parks (editor), New England: Additions to the Six State Bibliographies (Hanover, New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 1989). Both of these volumes are held at the Tides Institute library.

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*NUMBER 4: Grant Manan, A Summer Reminiscence by B.F. DeCosta
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*NUMBER 6: The Jesuits at Grand Manan in 1613; Captain Owen’s Visit in 1770
*NUMBER 7: Transition Issue The History of the Grand Manan Historical Society; A Biography of Buchanan Charles
*NUMBER 8: Report of a Royal Commission on the State of Grand Manan Fisheries
*NUMBER 9: The Rob Report on the State of the Fisheries, the Condition of the Lighthouses, the Contraband Trade and Various other Matters in the Bay of Fundy(1840)
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*NUMBER 12: The Great Debate of 1877 – Walter B. McLaughlin for Canada and Wilfred J. Fisher for the USA
*NUMBER 13: At the Turn of the Centuiry (1877-1905)
*NUMBER 14: Lobsters Galore
*NUMBER 15: The Rich and the Lean Years (1906-1939)
*NUMBER 16: The Ships of Grand Manan; All Along the Coastline
*NUMBER 17: Family History: The Census of Grand Manan in 1851 by R.F. Fellows
*NUMBER 18: Relics of a Century – Shipwrecks, Grand Manan part 1: 1800-1900
*NUMBER 19: Buchanan Charles Memorial Issue; In Tribute and Farewell; The Norsemen at Grand Manan by B. Charles; A General Report on Aplication for Land by Donald MacDonald; Roads for Sale, A Brief Survey of Highway Development by L.K. Ingersoll; Rev. Alexander Taylor, An Introduction Reminiscences of My Early Life by A. Taylor
*NUMBER 20: The Other Creatures
*NUMBER 21: Pale of the Church by Wade Reppert
*NUMBER 22: Log Cabins, Free Ports, and Tourism Life in a Pioneer Village; Free Ports: A Dream That Failed; Grand Manan as an Early Tourist Destination
*NUMBER 23: Back to the Beginning: Island Geology Re-examined by Dr. Robert F. Legget
*NUMBER 24: Index to the Grand Manan Historian Vol. 1-23. Compiled by Gleneta Hettrick and the Grand Manan Genealogical Society, Edited by Wade Reppert
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*NUMBER 26: Shipwrecks of Grand Manan by Eric Allaby.


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