Online Puzzles

Learn about the works in the Collections of the Tides Institute & Museum of Art by carefully looking at each piece in the puzzle. Click on the title or image of the work to see a larger image of the work and to learn more about the work.

Think about what you see in the art work:

• What’s going on in this picture?

Think about the seven elements of art:

color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value

Can you find examples of these elements in any/some/or all of these images?

Online Puzzles from the Tides Institute & Museum of Art

Charles Caleb Ward, Passamaquoddy Youths on Cliffs of Grand Manan, 1869

Dougal Anderson, The Tow, c.1900

Sandor Bernath, Herring Weir, c.1930s

David Umholtz, Webster-Ashburton Treaty, c.2000

Susan Hartnett, February 17, 2006 #1 Winter Grass

John James Audubon, Hyperborean Phalarope, 1834

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