Music @ North Church — 2022 — Cancelled

Members of the New York Baroque Incorporated, an early music ensemble based in New York City, performing before a full house at TIMA’s 1819 North Church Project Space on Sunday afternoon,  July 14, 2019. It was the second of two concerts they performed in this space that weekend.

Music @ North Church — 

Early Music Concerts at North Church, 2015-

2015 (August 13, 7 pm): Joachim Woitun (baroque cello), soloist.

2016 (July 23, 7 pm): Baroque quartet with Geoffrey Burgess (baroque oboe), Eve Friedman (baroque flute), Leon Schelhase (harpsichord),  and Joachim Woitun (baroque cello).

2017 (August 12, 7 pm): Mozart quintet with Anna Maria Baeza (clarinet), Trond Saeverud (violin), Consuela Sherba (violin), Joachim Woitun (baroque cello), Alexandra Zaburdaeva Lorimer (violin).

2018 (July 14, 7 pm & July 15, 3 pm): Ensemble Abendmusik with Gigi Turgeon (violin I), Laura Papandrea (violin II), Anne Black (viola), Sarah Freiberg Ellison (violoncello), Andrew Arceci (bass), Teresa Wakim (soprano), Joshua Cohen (baroque trumpet), and James David Christie (organ).

2019 (July 13, 7 pm & July 14, 3 pm): New York Baroque Incorporated with: Immanuel Davis (flûte traversière); Elliot Figg (basse continue); Andrew Fouts (violon); Daniel S. Lee (violon);  Ezra Seltzer (violoncelle); and Wen Yang (basse de viole).

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