Kathleen McDermott
StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence Workshops:
Tuesdays in August

For all workshops:
Workshop fee is $5 per person per session.
Workshop:         3:30 to 4:30 pm
Open Work Time: 4:30 to 5:30 pm
Each session is limited to 10 participants.
Please call 207-853-4047 to register, or email

Tuesday, August 2
Recycled Robots,
featuring the Bristlebot
(all ages)
The Bristlebot is a classic starter robot, utilizing parts that can be found in a cheap vibrating toothbrush. Working with the artist, participants will learn how to take apart a motorized toothbrush (provided) and create their own unique robot from the parts. Participants may also bring in an old electronic device or toy, which we can salvage for parts such as motors, lights, batteries and speakers.

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesday, August 9
DIY Wearable Futures
(ages 12 & up)
In this workshop participants will consider the relationship between science fiction and reality, and will critically consider our current relationship to wearable technology. Participants will learn the basics of wearable circuit design, using conductive thread to create custom “buttons,” to turn on LEDS in fabric. Supplies provided, participants can sew to scrap material or to a fabric they bring in, socks and hats work well. This lesson will require use of a needle and thread.

Tuesday, August 16
Aliens, Animals
and Things that Glow *
(ages 6-12)
Students in this workshop will learn to create a very simple circuit to turn on an LED light, and then come up with a design for incorporating the light into a wearable hat or costume, such as one for an animal or an alien. Supplies will be available and students can also incorporate anything additional they would like to bring, such an article of existing clothing.

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