Dorothy Waide Playhouse, c.1900

Temporarily located at 6 Green Street, Eastport, Muselenk (Moose Island), Maine.

Dorothy Waide Playhouse after it had been repainted at its current temporary location.

TIMA owns a circa 1900 full size victorian style children’s playhouse that a then mayor of Eastport, Maine, Edward S. Waide (1867-1944), and his wife and artist, Martha “Mattie” Waide (1857-1929), had originally built for their daughter, Dorothy Waide (1894-1974). The playhouse is appoximately 12 feet high, nine feet long and six feet wide. For many years the playhouse stood on the lawn surrounding the Waide’s large historic home in the center of Eastport, Muselenk (Moose Island), Maine at 17 Boynton Street. In the early 1940s, the playhouse was removed to be next to a house at the outskirts of Eastport. The playhouse was gifted to TIMA in 2017 by Sheila and Ronald Sullivan and family. Sheila grew up and lived at the house on the grounds where the playhouse had been moved to in early 1940s by her father. Ronald Sullivan’s grandfather, Guy Sullivan, built the playhouse in the late nineteenth century for the the Waide family with help from his son, James Sullivan, Ronald’s father.

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