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Objective: Create a series of linked spherical panoramas of Eastport’s downtown and develop spherical panoramas of Eastport: On the Creative Edge partner site.

Twelve panoramas of Eastport’s historic downtown were developed and linked together through a series of “yellow circle” hot links. By clicking on each yellow circle one can move from one spherical panorama to another. The linked panoramas include five interior views and seven exterior views. The exterior views extend along the downtown from Bank Square to Post Office corner as well as the Fish Pier.

Additional spherical panoramas portray Eastport: On the Creative Edge partner sites including the Peavey Memorial Library, the Border Historical Society, the Port of Eastport, the Eastport Arts Center, the Waponahki Museum (shown in the photograph above), and the Tides Institute & Museum of Art (TIMA). All of the spherical panoramas are part of a larger Washington County Quality of Place initiative that now includes 120 spherical panoramas. The panoramas can be viewed on TIMA’s Quality of Place website here: Spherical Panoramas.

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