June 25, 2014

ARTPLACE COMES THROUGH! AGAIN! We received news in early June, 2014 that we have been awarded $150,000 from the national ArtPlace initiative based in New York – a collaboration of 14 of the largest private foundations in the U.S. We had to keep quiet about the news until the national public announcement was made on June 25, 2014 by ArtPlace. We are one of only 55 institutions across the U.S. to receive funding from them this year – out of 1,300 applicants (4% of applicants received funding). This is the second time we have applied to ArtPlace and the second time we have received funding from them (we received $250,000 in 2012). In ArtPlace’s four years of existence, we remain the only institution in Maine to have received funding from them, and we’ve now done it twice.

This funding, along with other secured funding, will allow us to launch the second phase development of our StudioWorks facility (doubling its useable space) and expand our artist residency program internationally. In addition, the ArtPlace funding will allow us to complete two other special art related projects (major architecture initiative and parish map initiative) that are three years in development.

A complete list of 2014 ArtPlace awards can be found at ArtPlace.

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