Alumni (2013- )

Amanda Thackray, artist from Newark, New Jersey, and artist in residence at StudioWorks, August, 2017.

2013 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Alexis Callender (New York, New York) / July: Alexis Callender
Edwige Charlot (Portland, Maine) / October: Edwige Charlot
Joe Kievitt (Portland, Maine) / August: Joe Kievitt
Christine Wong Yap (New York, New York) / June: Christine Wong Yap

2014 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Alice Case (Los Angeles, California) / October: Alice Case
Maria Dimanshtein (Brooklyn, New York) / Mid-May to mid-June: Maria Dimanshtein
Joanne Kaliontzis (Boston, Massachusetts) / September: Joanne Kaliontzis
Martha Lewis (New Haven, Connecticut) / August: Martha Lewis
Megan Singleton (St. Louis, Missouri) / July: Megan Singleton

2015 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Josef Beery (Free Union, Virginia) / September: Josef Beery
Alicia Eggert (Marlton, New Jersey) / May: Alicia Eggert
Tasha Lewis (New York, New York) / October – November: Tasha Lewis
Mike Marks (Yarmouth, Maine) / June: Mike Marks
Chason Matthams (New York, New York) / July: Chason Matthams
Carlos Uribe (New York, New York) / August: Carlos Uribe

2016 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Seliena Coyle (Derry City, NORTHERN IRELAND) / May: Seliena Coyle
Janice Wright Cheney (Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA) / June: Janice Wright Cheney
Sebastian Collett (Asheville, North Carolina) / July: Sebastian Collett
Richelle Gribble (Redondo Beach, California) / late August – late September: Richelle Gribble
Kate M.S. Hoffman (Los Angeles, California) / June: Kate M.S. Hoffman
Eunjung Hwang (New York, New York) / mid-September – mid-October: Eunjung Hwang
Kathleen McDermott (Troy, New York) / late July – late August: Kathleen McDermott
Will Rose (London, ENGLAND) / late July – late August: Will Rose
Andrea Sulzer (Woolwich, Maine) / mid-October – mid-November: Andrea Sulzer

2017 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Elizabeth Bennett (Cupertino, California): Elizabeth Bennett
Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome (Brooklyn, New York): Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome
Cathleen Faubert (Norman, Oklahoma): Cathleen Faubert
Rachel Gross (Hartland, Vermont): Rachel Gross
Ani Hoover (Buffalo, New York): Ani Hoover
Cindy Steiler (Gainesville, Florida): Cindy Steiler
Amanda Thackray (Newark, New Jersey): Amanda Thackray
Shoshannah White (Portland, Maine): Shoshannah White
Sean Wolfe (Portland, Maine): Sean Wolfe
Charley Young (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA): Charley Young

2018 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks: click here: 2018

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