5 Green Street

5 Green Street, 2013. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Green-5_Eastport_August2013_56(72).jpg
5 Green Street, 2013. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Green-5_Eastport_August2013_56(72).jpg
5 Green Street
Eastport, Maine

Notes from owner, Tom Humphrey, Sept. 2, 2013:

It was build around the civil war. Greek revival style with moldings in the interior that are of that style. Post and beam construction but the beams were cut with a saw. A mill saw with up and down motion. Processed in Pembroke maybe? It has 4 Rumford style fireplaces and also a firebox in the ell. All of the houses on that street are also post and beam but adze cut and older. My theory is the property that 7(Keezer) sits on was actually part of the property for 5 Green. Then at the turn of the century when housing was a a premium because of the expanding work population 7 green was built. Either to house more family members as a rental/ mother-in-law house or something. 7 green is balloon frame and built 1900 ish. And the newest house on the block.
Colonel Newcomb lived at 5 Green. I believe he is in the Eastport cemetery. In a photo I saw many years ago there was a cannon in the backyard. Newcomb was in the Spanish American war. And this cannon was from that war. I believe it was a cannon that was at the library several years ago. Not to be confused with the one that was at the park on wooded base.
The house was turned into 3 apartments in the 50's maybe? I know the Keezers lived in one of that at the time. When I bought the house it was still divided into apartments. Those partitions have been removed.
The house suffered a fire in the attic maybe also in the 50's. Charred beams are still evident in the roof.
There was a piece of glass in the ell in a window. But unfortunately a winter storm removed it. As I remember it was dated 1860's and the name Rose Whelply was written on it. She is also buried in the cemetery. There is another piece of window still intact that is located at the back of the house. It is the 6/6 window in the brick wall. Someone there carved a signature as well but from the 1940's. Name I do not remember. You should go take a look... I have to look at it again.
If I think of anything else I will let you know.

I just remembered something... I believe on that same window in brick wall is an early 1900 signature that actually is Newcomb and then another person in the 1940s signed the same window again..

Actually the name was not Rose Whelply Not sure where I got that name.. Nellie Sweet Nellie Swet.... is the actual
name as I said I did fine her and Newcomb in the cemetery

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