Stickney House - 30 Washington

Stickney House, 2012
Stickney House, 2012
30 Washington Street
Eastport, Maine

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, May 1, 1889, p.3,c.2: “Capt. Thomas Fearebay and wife had a silver wedding at their home in the Stickney house on Washington St., last Friday evening. ....”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, May 14, 1890, p&3,c.2: “Mr. E.B. Davis and family have moved to the Gideon Stickney house, corner of Washington and Kilby St. A number of rooms have already been engaged by permanent boarders. Mr. Davis has rented his own house on New Road to Rev. Mr. Haskell, pastor of |he Methodist church.”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, May 14, 1890, p.3,c.3: “The Stickney house on Washington street, now owned by Mrs. Coolidge of Cambridgeport, Mass., is undergoing extensive repairs and improvements. Every room has been newly painted and papered, and the outside of the house thoroughly painted; the house is to be piped for water, and connection made with the sewer for drainage purposes; new sills will be put in and the roof shingled, and a few board fence has been built around the back yard.”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, July 12, 1893, p.3,c.2: “Rev. J.A. Ford of the Washington street Baptist church, has leased a very pleasant home on the opposite side and further up the street, from that recently occupied by him, in the Stickney house, and has moved his family therein.”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, July 26, 1893, p.2, c.7: (Advertisement)
THE two story house situated on corner of Washington and Kilby streets, known as Stickney house, is offered for sale on easy terms. For particulars apply tg
S.D. LEAVITT, Agent.
Eastport, April 28th[looks like “28th”U, 1893.

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, March 14, 1894, p.3,c.32 “Mr. James Shiels is having quite extensive alterations, additions and repairs made to the southern half of his recent purchase of the Stickney house on Washington street. A new ell is one on the principal additions. The work is being rapidly pushed forward, and when completed will make the house a very desirable residence for two families.”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, April 4, 1894, p.3,c.3: “Mr. James Shiels has the excavation all completed for the large addition he is to have built on the Stickney house, his recent purchase on Washington St., and the masons are getting the stone and brick work well underway. Mr. Shiels is having a very substantial and thorough job done thus far, and completed will make one of the most desirable rents in the city.”

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