Davis Loring House - 8 Shackford

Davis Loring House, 2012
Davis Loring House, 2012
Davis Loring House, 2012. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Shackford-8_Eastport Maine033(72).jpg
Davis Loring House, 2012. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Shackford-8_Eastport Maine033(72).jpg
8 Shackford Street
Eastport, Maine

From Eastport Sentinel, November 17, 1886, p.2,c.7: (Advertisement):

Until new rooms are ready, which will be in about two weeks, you can have your
Photographs and Tintypes,
Copying and Enlarging,
Done as usual at the house of Davis Loring, corner of Shackford and Middle Sts. A large variety of
Before and After the Fire,
Constantly on hand.
A set of six 5x8 views will be mailed free to any address on receipt of $2.50
Single copies 50 cts. each.
Beware of worthless copies made from our pictures.

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, August 10, 1892, p.3,c.4(Advertisement)
“Notice of Foreclosure.
WHEREAS Davis Loring, of Eastport Washington County State of Maine, by his mortgage deed, dated the twenty-fourth day of March A.D. 1879,(and recorded in the said Washington County registry of deeds, book 149, page 425, conveyed to Simon Stevens late of said Eastport deceased, a certain parcel of real estate situtate in Eastport aforesaid and bounded as follows: beginning at the corner of Shackford and Middle Streets and running South sixty degrees East on Shackford street five and a half rods to land of Shackford’s estate; thence South twenty-five degrees West on said Shackford’s land three and a half rods to land now or formerly L.C. Potters; thence North sixty degrees West parallel with Shackford street on said Potter’s land five and a half rods to Middle street; thence North twenty-five degrees East on Middle street three rods to the place of beginning, being same land and buildings thereon conveyed to said Davis Loring by Henry Whelply by his deed dated the twenty-ninth day of March 1864; and whereas the condition(of said mortgage has been broken, now therefore, by reason of the breach of the condition thereof, I claim a foreclosure of said mortgage.
Dated Eastport August 9th, 1892.
Administrator of Estate of Simon Stevens.
By her Attorney, E.E. LIVERMORE..”

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, August 26, 1891, p.3,c.1: “Davis Loring died on Thursday last [August 20th] after a lingering illness of many years. He was born in Perry, Sept. [?](1818, received a common school and academic education, taught school for a time, and having learned the Daguerrian art of taking pictures followed that occupation as long as his health permitted. He closely studied all the improvements in that art, and was recognized far and near as in adept in his profession. He was a genial companion, a kind husband and father and a good citizen.”

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