Alden Bradford House - 48 Washington

Alden Bradford House
Alden Bradford House
48 Washington Street
Eastport, Maine

( ) From Eastport Sentinel, September 8, 1880, p.3,c.:: “The close observer, as he walks about town, notices many changes and improvements within the past year. .... Nothing adds more to the appearance of an estate than a smoothly shaven lawn, and our climate is specially suited to their best conditions. Mr. E.C. Pike’s sloping grounds in front of his handsome house are made most attractive by(the care taken of the grass. One of the neatest and prettiest places in town is that of Mr. Alden Bradford, the old Robt. Mowe house, just above Mr. Pike’s, with its low balustrade and smooth-cut lawn on either side. There has been a decided improvement if the street and the sidewalks. If we are allowed to criticize the growth in the street between the sidewalks and the roadway is a little too luxuriant, and probably more so since the cows are not allowed to keep it short. If every householder would see that the weeds and thistles are cut close outside of his fences as well as within it would add very much to the appearance of the place.

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