Charles F. Washburn House

Charles Washburn House
Charles Washburn House
Charles Washburn House
Charles Washburn House
3. "Gingerbread Houses" with Charles Washburn House (far right)
4. "Gingerbread Houses" with Charles Washburn House (center)
Main Street (U.S. Route 1), South
Calais, Maine

National Register

Architectural Styles

  • Gothic Revival
SCA, p.10

This is the third of the gingerbread homes bordering the Sf. Croix River and Main Street. It was built in 1855 by Charles F. Washburn. This two and one-half story house also has Gothic decorations on the bargeboards and window lintels, though different from those of the George Washburn House. The rectangular windows of the first floor and second story of the center front gabled projection are of unusual two over ten light construction. The iron grillwork on the front of the house was added in 1958, and replaced wooden columns and a wooden railing. The two-story bam was removed in 1944, and the kitchen was extended in 1965. A one story porch was also added later to the west side of the house. AFN - 10

From National Register of Historic Places Continuation Sheet
Section number 7 Page 68. Charles F. Washburn House, c. 1855 - C 320 Main street

One of three Gothic Revival style cottages in the district, the Charles F. Washburn House is a one-and-a-half-story, three-bay dwelling covered by a steeply pitched gable roof. It is sheathed in replacement aluminum siding. The symmetrically arranged facade contains a central entrance sheltered by a two-story porch, the upper floor of which is a balcony located below a gabled dormer decorated with sawn ornamentation. The original wooden columns supporting this feature were replaced in 1958 by the existing iron grillwork. Long paired casement windows with ornamental hoods flank the entry on the first story whereas hip roofed dormers are located on' either side of the central dormer. Additional sawn ornamentation decorates the eaves, dormers, and the enclosed porch on the south side (which is probably a twentieth century addition). Two chimneys rise through the roof ridge.

The Washburn house was built in 1855 for Charles F. Washburn, brother of George Washburn, for whom the Gothic cottage at 318 Main street was built. The house is presently owned by Mrs. Katrin Mitchell, the widow of Dr. Mitchell who purchased the property in the 1940s.

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