Sawyer House (7 Calais Avenue)

Sawyer House (7 Calais Avenue)
Sawyer House (7 Calais Avenue)
Sawyer Houses (9 and 7 Calais Avenue)
Sawyer Houses (9 and 7 Calais Avenue)
7 Calais Avenue
Calais, Maine

National Register

Historic District

SCA, p.6:

SAWYER HOUSE This Greek Revival house at 7 Calais Avenue was built by Mr. Sawyer in 1840. A leading carpenter in Calais, he built this house for his daughter. The triangular pediment and Ionic columns. 7 Calais A venue are typical of the temple style of Greek Revival architecture. The gable end faces the street with the entrance on the north side of the house. This two-story frame residence has been altered in the back, which faces south. The 1840 carriage house has become a garage. AFN


Sawyer House, c. 1840 - C 7 Calais Avenue This impressive two-story, four-bay Greek Revival frame dwelling is notable for the full pediment which dominates the facade. Supported by five Ionic columns, the pediment shelters a flush sheathed facade punctuated by symmetrically placed long nine-over-nine double-hung windows on the first story, and an equal number of smaller six-over-six sash above. The main entrance is located on the pedimented north elevation, thus forming a back hall configuration. Two long windows flank it to the east and a trio of sixover-six windows are located on the second story. The south elevation has a more irregular fenestration pattern, which probably reflects subsequent alterations. There are three interior end chimneys and a large two-story ell which terminates at a carriage house turned garage. with the exception of the flush sheathed facade and tympanums, the house is sheathed in weatherboards. The property is further distinguished by the substantial granite block retaining wall which spans the front and part of the north side of the house lot.

According to local tradition, this house (as well as its neighbor to the south) was constructed by a Mr. Sawyer as a gift to one of his daughters. Sawyer is recognized to have been one of the leading carpenter/builders in Calais, although little is known about him including his full name.

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