R. M. Tuttle House - 17 Key

R.M. Tuttle House, 2012
R.M. Tuttle House, 2012
R.M. Tuttle House, 2012. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Key-17_Eastport(August)023 copy(72).jpg
R.M. Tuttle House, 2012. Photograph by Thaddeus Holownia. PHOTO#: Key-17_Eastport(August)023 copy(72).jpg
17 Key Street
Eastport, Maine


• From Eastport Sentinel, April 21, 1880, p.2,c.5: “R.M. Tuttles new house on Key Street, between the houses of W.P. Bucknam and Henry Whelpley, is nearly completed. It is pleasantly situated, and substantially built, and has all the modern improvements. The work has all been done by D.N. Clark and sons and reflects much credit upon them.”

• From Eastport Sentinel, August 18, 1880, p.3,c.2: “A little more than one year ago the ground which is now occupied by Mr. R.M. Tuttles new house on Telegraph street was a vacant lot. During the months of the past year changes and improvements have been daily noticeable under the hands of skilled workmen and artisans. To-day a stately mansion graces the spot, adding wealth and beauty to the street. Mr. Tuttle gives the exact time since breaking ground to the last touch of the painters brush, bust eleven months and twenty-nine days. The main front is 28x24 feet, the main house is 30x36 feet and two stories high. Mess.[?typo, “Messrs.”] D.N. Clark and Sons were the architects and builders. The work done by them speaks for themselves—first class, thorough and in the latest style. The finish is black walnut, ash and maple. The plastering, cement and masonry show the skill ind experience of Messrs. Sharland and Varney. The painting, plain and fancy, by Messrs Campbell and Harrington these[looks like “these” but could be “those” practiced knights of the brush, bq the study and skill, change the rough unsightly surface into a beautiful picture, and hide all imperfections. The piping is very extensive, conveying steam, gas, hot and cold water into every sleeping apartment. Work in this department reflects great credit on Mr. Albert M. Bibber. The Steam Works Company of Exeter, N.H. furnished the apparatus for generating steam. The sleeping zooms are commodious, and convenient, with perfect ventilations ninished and furnished in the latest style. The cellar is the mo{t wonderful apartment, roomy and well lighted, the floor is in cement, smooth and solid, water in abundance is supplied by cistern and a never failing well. We congratulate our enterprising tgwnsman upon his success in building, completing and possessing so fine a residence, and hope he may long live and prosper to enjoy the eward[typo, “reward”] of his diligent labors.”

• From Eastport Sentinel, December 5, 1894, p.3,c.2: “H.J. Reynolds has recently purchased the Tuttle House on Telegraph street; but will not take possession of(it until the Spring opens.”

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