Elias Barbour House

Elias Barbour House
Elias Barbour House
Built:c. 1830
255 Main Street
Calais, Maine

National Register

Historic District

Architectural Styles

  • Federal
SCA, p.7:

This Federal period brick dwelling at 255 Main Street, the Elias Barbour House, has five bays and two stories. The center door entrance is depressed for shelter, with a fan- light. Double sash windows are two-aver-two, four on the first floor and five on the second-story. Two brick chimneys punctuate the hipped roof. It has changed owners often since it was built in 1830 by Elias Barbour. AFN, KFM, JCR

National Register of Historic Places Continuation Sheet
Section number 7 Page 11

14. Elias Barbour House, c. 1830 - C 255 Main street

Among the most handsome and virtually unaltered Federal period houses in Calais, this two-story five-bay dwelling is also distinguished by its brick construction. Its symmetrically composed facade features a recessed central entry which is located behind an elliptical arch and is framed by a fan light and narrow sidelights. Two-over-two double-hung sash windows beneath splayed lintels complete the fenestration pattern. A narrow cornice spans the elevation and extends to short gable end returns. Each gable end is punctuated by a symmetrical pattern of five windows, two on each story and one in the gable peak. A wooden one-and-a-half-story ell projects to the rear. Brick interior end chimneys are located forward of the roof ridge in the main block.

This house was built about 1830 for Elias Barbour, but by 1856 it belonged to Mr. J. Ames. For many years the house was owned by Dr. Miner, who lived in the house and practiced dentistry. After retiring in 1976, he sold the house to its present owner, the Kendalls, and moved to his farm in Robbinston, where he now resides.

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